Plug-in Documentation




Plugin to allow running of NAnt files.


The steps in this plug-in run on all supported platforms.


No special steps are required for installation. See Installing plug-ins in UrbanCode Build.


Process steps in the NAnt plug-in

Run NAnt

Execute a NAnt script

Input properties for the
Run NAnt step
Name Type Description Required
Command Line Properties String These properties are used as if they were passed to the nant executable on the command
line. Enter each property on a separate line in the following
format: -D:name=value
Environment Variables String Optional environment variables in name=value format. Environment variable values
may contain references to existing values in the following format: name=${FOO};value.
If the value of FOO variable is BAR in the current environment, then the above
example will be expanded to: name=BAR;value. Using this technique, it is possible
to add an entry to PATH in the following manner: PATH=my/path/entry;0.
Case is significant even on Windows systems.
Mono Location String The pat4h to the version of mono to run NAnt with. If this is empty or
evaluates to nothing on the agent, mono will not be used.
NAnt Location String The path to the version of nant that will be used to run the build script Yes
NAnt Properties String NAnt-specific arguments, such as -ext No
NAnt Script File String The name of the nant script file. Yes
Script Content String No
Target Name String The name of the target(s) to run in the nant script file. No