Plug-in Documentation

Nexus Repository Manager V3


The Nexus Repository Manager V3 plugin provides steps to integration UrbanCode Deploy with Nexus Repository Manager V3.

This plug-in includes the following step:

  • Import Version


This plug-in requires IBM UrbanCode Deploy version 6.0 or later. Please note that this plugin was written against the Nexus Repository Manager V3 REST API, and will not work with V2. For Nexus Repository Manager V2 support, please see the Nexus Source Config Plugin.

This plug-in runs on all operating systems that UrbanCode Deploy supports.


No special steps are required for installation. See Installing plug-ins in UrbanCode Deploy.


Version 1

Initial release of this plugin.


NRM V3 Rest API Versions

The Nexus Repository Manager (NRM) V3 plugin utilizes the Search API of NRM V3.

The plugin supports any NRM server of version 3 or greater. However, depending on your server version you may either be accessing the Siesta REST API, the BETA REST API, or the fully supported V1 REST API.

    There are a couple of things to note about the various REST APIs of NRM V3:

  • Siesta REST API
    • This API was deprecated with NRM v3.8.x.
    • This replaced the Siesta API with NRM v3.8.x.
    • This API was also deprecated with the release of NRM v3.13.x.
    • This is the current, fully supported REST API beginning with NRM v3.13.x.
  • The plugin will first try to connect to the V1 REST API. If the connection fails, it will then try the BETA REST API, and lastly try the Siesta REST API. If the connection cannot be made to the V1 API, a warning will be displayed stating that the server is outdated and its recommended to upgrade to version 3.13 or greater. If none of the REST API connections succeed, the plugin will fail and you should ensure that your Nexus server is at least version 3.

Plugin Demonstration Video

Full Demonstration of the Nexus Repository Manager V3 Plugin


Process steps in the Nexus Repository Manager V3 plug-in

Import Version

Creates a new component version and imports artifacts from Nexus.

This step has no input properties.

Roles in the Nexus Repository Manager V3 plug-in

The plug-in adds these roles automatically to resources. You cannot add these roles


Properties for the ComponentProperties role
Name Type Description
Component Group String The group ID of the component to which the assets belong.
In maven repositories this will follow Javas package name rules
(I.E. org.apache.maven).
Extensions of files to Convert String If text-type files must be converted into another character
set, type the list of file extensions to be converted. Matching file
types are converted into the default or system character set of the
system where the agent is located. Separate list items with commas.
File Excludes String A list of file patterns to exclude from the component.
Separate each pattern with a new line or comma.
File Includes String A list of file patterns to include in the component.
Separate each pattern with a new line or comma. To include all
files, leave blank or type **/*.
Latest Version Boolean Import only the latest version. This will import the latest
version based on Maven 3.0 version name conventions.
Log4j Logging Level Enumeration:

    Configure the level of Log4j messages to output to the console.
    Nexus Component String The component name in Nexus. Specifying this value will
    import only versions of the given Nexus component name. This field
    should be used when you have multiple components in the same
    repository, as is the case for NPM repositories.
    Password Password The password for the Nexus user.
    Repository String The name of the repository in Nexus from which to
    import versions.
    Server URL String Base URL and port for the Nexus server (I.E. http://localhost:8081).
    User String The user name for the Nexus user.


    Properties for the ImportProperties role
    Name Type Description
    Specific version to import. String