Plug-in Documentation



The Nexus plug-in for IBM UrbanCode Deploy includes steps for working with artifacts that are hosted on a Nexus server.

To add the Nexus plug-in steps to processes, click Repositories > Artifact > Nexus in the step palette of the process editor.


The IBM UrbanCode Deploy automation plug-in for Nexus works with Nexus version 2.

This plug-in requires version 6.0 or later of IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

This plug-in runs on all operating systems that IBM UrbanCode Deploy supports.


No special steps are required for installation. See Installing plug-ins in IBM UrbanCode Deploy.


Version 3

  • Updated to ensure all response texts are zOS compatible.

Version 2

  • Support property file encryption.

Version 1

  • Initial release of the Nexus plug-in, with support for downloading NuGet packages.


Process steps in the Nexus plug-in

Download NuGet package

Download a NuGet package from a Nexus repository.

Input properties for the Download NuGet package step
Name Type Description Required
Nexus Url String The base URL of the Nexus repository. For example: http://localhost:8081/nexus Yes
Packages String A list of packages to download, separated by newline characters. Use the following
format: repositoryName/packageID/packageVersion
Repository Password Password The password to authenticate with Nexus. No
Repository Username String The user name to authenticate with Nexus. No