Plug-in Documentation



The OpenShift source configuration plug-in supports creating component version from OpenShift.


This plug-in requires version 6.0 or later of IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

This plug-in works with OpenShift CLI 3.1 and later.

The OpenShift server must be accessible from the IBM UrbanCode Deploy agent or the agent must be installed on the OpenShift server.


No special steps are required for installation. See Installing plug-ins in UrbanCode products.


Version 1

Initial release of the OpenShift Source Configuration plug-in.


Import Version

Properties for the Import Version
Name Type Description
Allow Insecure Registry Connection Boolean Select this option to allow insecure connections to OpenShift.
Image Stream String The [folder/]repository of the image in the OpenShifts Docker registry.
Naming Convention Enumeration:

    The naming convention for component versions. Docker tags can be changed. If component
    versions need to be immutable, select a naming convention that includes the ID.
    OpenShift Server String If connecting to the OpenShift Server from a remote agent, specify the full server
    Registry Password Password The password used to login to the OpenShift Server. Default value is ${p:openshiftPassword}
    Registry Username String The username used to login to the OpenShift Server.