Plug-in Documentation

System Information



The steps in this plug-in provide information about the system on which the agent is running. You can use these steps to verify that a deployment can succeed or has succeeded by verifying the amount of disk space and the environment variables on the system.


This plug-in requires version 6.0 or later of IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

This plug-in is supported to run on all operating systems that are supported by the IBM UrbanCode Deploy agent.

Note: The Check Available Disk Space is not supported on the Solaris operating system


No special steps are required for installation. See Installing plug-ins in UrbanCode Deploy.


Version 5

Fixes APAR PI94880 Updated from Apache Commons IO 1.4 to latest (2.2 as of now).

Version 4

Support property file encryption.

Version 3

Fixes APAR PI35342 compatibility defect with IBM Urbancode Deploy version and later.

Version 2

Add a step to check if a value matches a regex and create output properties based on the matching groups.

Version 1

Initial release of the System Information plugin.


Process steps in the System Information plug-in

Check Available Disk Space

Ensure that there is enough available disk space.

Input properties for the Check Available Disk Space step
Name Type Description Required
Available Space(kB) String The minimum space in kilo-bytes for this step to pass. Yes
Path String The path to check disk space for. (i.e. For Windows C:\, For *nix /mntpoint Yes

Check Connectivity

Ensure that a TCP connection can be made to a given host and port from this machine.

Input properties for the Check Connectivity step
Name Type Description Required
Hostname String The hostname or IP of the machine to try to connect to. Yes
Interval(seconds) String The inteval in seconds between retries. Yes
Port String The port to try to connect to. Yes
Retries String The number of time to retry the connection. Yes

Check Environment Variable

Ensure that an environment variable is set to an expected value.

Input properties for the Check Environment Variable step
Name Type Description Required
Value String The expected value of the variable. Leave blank if you just want to check the var
is set without checking value.
Variable Name String The name of the variable to check for. Yes

Check Regex

Check if a value matches a Regex. If it does the matched groups will be set as output
properties with the names group0, group1, etc.

Input properties for the Check Regex step
Name Type Description Required
Regex String The regex to try to match. Yes
Value String The value you want to check the regex against. Yes