Plug-in Documentation

UrbanCode Velocity


The UrbanCode Velocity plug-in allow for integration with UrbanCode Velocity. Use this plug-in to upload build information to the UrbanCode Velocity server to display in the UrbanCode Velocity metrics.

This plug-in includes one step:

  • Upload Build Data

Step palette

To access this plug-in in the palette, click Reporting > UrbanCode > Velocity.


This plug-in is compatible with UrbanCode Velocity SE version 1.2.3 and above.


No special steps are required for installation. See Installing plug-ins in UrbanCode products.


Version 1

  • Initial release


Process steps in the Urbancode Velocity plug-in

Upload Build Data

Upload build information to the UrbanCode Velocity server.

Input properties for the Upload build data step
Name Type Description Required
Application Name String The applications name to be used in UrbanCode Velocity. Yes
Name String The name to use for this build in UrbanCode Velocity. Yes
Requester String The name of the requester. No
Status String The status of the build. Yes
UrbanCode Velocity Server Select a UCV server from the list or specify a property whose value is the property
sheet UUID of the relevant UCV integration.

Roles in the Urbancode Velocity plug-in

The plug-in adds these roles automatically to resources. You cannot add these roles

UrbanCode Velocity

Properties for the UrbanCode Velocity role
Name Type Description Property Reference
Access Key Password The user access key to use for authenticating requests that are sent to UrbanCode
Tenant ID String The tenant ID of the UrbanCode Velocity server.
URL String The UrbanCode Velocity server URL including protocol and port, if needed. Example: