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XL Deploy


The UrbanCode Release XL Deploy plug-in provides steps to integrate with XebiaLabs XL Deploy. This plug-in supports both full and delta synchronization between the UrbanCode Release and XL Deploy servers. A full synchronization compare all objects in the XL Deploy server with all integration objects in the UrbanCode Release server. Delta synchronization only compares objects that have changed since last synchronization occurred.

Step palette

To access this plug-in in the palette, click Automation.


This plug-in requires IBM UrbanCode Release version or later.

This plug-in runs on all operating systems that UrbanCode Deploy supports.


No special steps are required for installation. See Installing plug-ins in UrbanCode Release.


Version 6

  • APAR PH20204 Archive completed deployment tasks in XL Deploy.

Version 5

  • APAR PH18118 Re-release fix for Missing PercentCodec with updated classpath.

Version 4

  • APAR PH18118 Missing PercentCodec class in Execute Task.

Version 3

  • APAR PH17727 Missing PercentCodec class in Check Authentication task.

Version 2

  • APAR PH14403 Spaces in object names causing failures.

Version 1

  • Initial release of plug-in.


You can use the XL Deploy plug-in IBM UrbanCode Release to create an integration with an XL Deploy server. The plug-in imports applications, environments, deployment packages, and deployment tasks from the XL Deploy server as objects into the UrbanCode Release server.

Use the plug-in steps to automate the integration and synchronization task between the two servers. The first time the plug-in executes, a full synchronization is performed. Subsequent full synchronizations are performed based on the Full Sync Interval step property for the plug-in. The default value is to run a full synchronization every 24 hours. You can change this value.

Delta synchronizations are based on objects that were modified since the last time the plug-in ran. When a delta synchronization executes only objects that have been modified since the last time the plug-in ran are imported. A delta synchronization does not detect items that have been deleted from the XL Deploy server, which is why it is useful to run a full synchronization on an interval.

You can also execute XL Deploy deployment tasks from UrbanCode Release using this plug-in.


View a demonstration of the UrbanCode Release XL Deploy plug-in.


Process steps in the XL Deploy plug-in


Check Connection Button

This step has no input properties.


Execute Automated Task.

Input properties for the ExecuteTask step
Name Type Description Required
Update Pipeline View upon completion of this task Boolean No



Input properties for the Integration step
Name Type Description Required
Check Authentication Button to check if the connection can be established with
the XL Deploy Server, and the UCR Server.
Full Sync Interval String The hourly interval to run a full sync. A full sync will
check if any XL Deploy objects have been deleted and delete them from
UrbanCode Release as well. This process will take longer. Set to -1
to never run a full sync, or 0 to always run a full sync. If no value
is provided, this field defaults to 24 hours.
Log4j Logging Level Enumeration:

  • INFO
  • ALL
  • WARN
  • OFF
Configure the level of Log4j messages to output to the console. No
XL Deploy Password Password The XL Deploy Password. No
XL Deploy URL String The XL Deploy URL. Example: No
XL Deploy User String The XL Deploy User. No