Product Overview

UrbanCode Build is a continuous integration and build management server optimized for the enterprise. It is designed to make it easy to scale the configuration and management of your build infrastructure and seamlessly plug in to development, testing and release tooling.


UrbanCode BuildĀ provides

  • Your core CI loop: Detect a change, do a build, test, and deliver feedback
  • Easy addition of new projects by development teams based on centrally defined templates
  • Fine-grained security and controls whose configuration scales
  • Dependency management and awareness. Build based on project relationships.


Scales beautifully

Unlike common continuous integration tools that are easiest to implement for at the team level, UrbanCode Build is designed for an enterprise to setup a build as a service. The central team can easily setup standard security rules and build templates while the multitude of development teams have freedom to create projects and get rapid feedback within that framework.