Blueprint Designer

The Blueprint Designer is a separately-installed component that is included with the UrbanCode Deploy product suite. While UrbanCode Deploy drives deployment automation of applications into existing environments, Blueprint Designer accelerates application testing and deployment by enabling the design and provision of new environments in the cloud, and application deployments to those environments.

You can establish a CI/CD pipeline using Blueprint Designer templates to create and destroy short-term test environments to quickly test your application changes. Additionally, you can provision and manage long-term production environments. Each blueprint can represent a full-stack environment, including infrastructure, middleware and application layers.


Cloud orchestration

Blueprint Designer can automate native infrastructure (compute, network, storage, etc.) across numerous public (IBM, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and private (OpenStack, VMware vSphere, VMware vRealize Automation), as well as application components from UrbanCode Deploy, Chef, or other third-party automation solutions. With Blueprint Designer, you can create, update, and tear down full-stack environments with its orchestration services for both Terraform and OpenStack Heat, and get live views of environment details and log outputs.


Graphical editor

Blueprint Designer supports a rich design experience to create full-stack environments using industry-standard orchestration technologies, including Terraform and OpenStack Heat. Using the graphical editor, you can drag and drop infrastructure components, and easily connect them to networks, or add application components from UrbanCode Deploy and other sources.

Additionally, a rich source editor can be used interchangeably with the diagram. Syntax highlighting, error flagging, find/replace and other core editor tools are available with standard keyboard shortcuts.



Infrastructure as code

Blueprint Designer supports the concept of infrastructure as code allowing the graphical editor and text editor to be used interchangeably. Additionally, the Blueprint Designer has built-in integration with Git. Store your full-stack blueprints in Git as first-class code artifacts. You can track, commit, and accept changes in local and external Git repositories.


Cloud Automation Manager

For a full Cloud Management Platform solution, with a self-service catalog, service orchestration, day-2 operations, and much more, Blueprint Designer integrates with IBM Cloud Automation Manager (CAM). Create and test Terraform templates in the Blueprint Designer, and publish directly to CAM for inclusion in a service catalog. The Blueprint Designer is also available directly as part of the CAM product suite, where is it known as the Template Designer. For more information, see Cloud Automation Manager.