Shift Left, test and deploy

“Shift Left” – testing and deploying earlier and more often

No need to wait for all the pieces to become available before testing starts, this just causes delays and adds risk to the project or results in discovering defects.

Instead, include automated testing and service virtualization as part of all your deployments. Test the riskiest elements early, automatically and continuously. Providing early, iterative feedback on code quality directly to development teams, helps ensure that fewer problems are found late in the lifecycle where they are much more expensive to fix. Start testing even earlier, by deploying virtualized services, software, and applications instead of waiting for everything to be available.

What does a “Shift Left” Process Look Like?

Whenever a new build is made, the successful build process triggers the following automated activities:

  • The new application build is installed in the automatically provisioned development cloud-based test environment.
  • The stubs for missing dependent services are started.
  • An automated integration test suite is triggered for execution, followed by the low-intensity performance tests.
  • The test results are captured and feedback is made available to the entire team, who analyzes the results for any regressions, especially around performance.
  • Provided the integration and performance tests pass, a snapshot of the applications in the development test environment is deployed to the system test environment.
  • The automated user interface based test suites are triggered and executed in the system test environment.
  • Again, the test results are captured, feedback is provided, defects are resolved, and a new build is created



White paper: “Shift Left” for higher quality at greater speed