Federated Release Dashboard

The Deployment Plan is a great tool to monitor one piece of the release, but, what if there are multiple release initiatives that are going on at the same time? The federated release dashboard propagates information from the Deployment Plan and displays the status of multiple release initiatives in a single view.

Support for Large integrated releases with multiple business units

UrbanCode Release supports large integrated releases with multiple business units with the federated release dashboard. This allows each business unit to manage its own release plan but provides a roll-up of release activities across business units.

Go from war-room view to detailed deployment logs quickly

Each section represents a business unit. Segments show status, how each release is progressing, and if it is ahead or behind schedule. If you hover over a bar, it will call out tasks that are waiting to begin or failed and you can drill down to view the deployment plan, segments, tasks, and deployment logs by clicking through the view; taking you from a war room visualization of the integrated release to a specific deployment log.

By using the Federated Release Dashboard, customers were able to resolve deployments issues faster than they were previously able to recognize that they even had them.