Impact Analysis

A release can be made up of hundreds of interconnected applications. But, what happens if an application is not ready and needs to be dropped from the release? How do you proactively spot applications that are running behind and need attention during the release cycle? If an application leaves the release, what other teams need to be notified of the change, and what dependencies will it affect?
The impact analysis visualization can answer these questions using data that you already have in other systems, such as, development tracking systems, bug repositories, and change management tools. The items in these systems are imported as changes in IBM UrbanCode Release. A change represents development or infrastructure content for the release in the form of user stories, epics, defects, change requests, etc. Changes can be assigned to a release and to an initiative (business project or program).
The Impact analysis tool in IBM UrbanCode Release displays the effect an application has on other applications in the business initiative and the overall release. The rows displayed in the impact analysis represent the Applications and the columns represent the business initiative. The intersection between each application and each initiative represents the impact the application has on the initiative and indicates the impact the application leaving the release has on the business initiative.

Quickly decipher completeness

The grid on the Release impact page is color coded to help users determine which applications or projects are at risk of not making the release, allowing proper action to be taken. The closer to dark purple the intersection is, the more at risk the application is to not making the release.

View data from RTC

When hovering over features or bugs in the impact analysis tool, you can view specific details about the work items, which are pulled from RTC, using the RTC integration provider. The hover over view created from the OSLC, Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration, integration provider.