Multi-App Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery through Auto-promotion

Continuous Delivery seeks to speed time to customer feedback by quickly testing applications and promoting them to subsequent test environments. In UrbanCode Release, recurring deployments can be configured to deploy application versions that pass gate criteria for a specific phase of the environment, at a specific time. For example, if you want to deploy the latest application version that passes the required gate criteria at the end of each day, you can configure UrbanCode Release to start the deployment automatically.

Use different deployment plan templates and track changes between Lower and Upper Environments.

You may have a situation where you deploy to early environments everyday, but only deploy to later environments once every month. Utilizing different deployment plan templates, it is possible in UrbanCode Release to have a fully automated deployment for early test and integration environments, and a completely different style of deployment for complex staging and production environments. UrbanCode Release will track changes between the templates. For example, in the lower environments, you can have simple automated deployment plans but for later environments, you can have complex deployments with manual tasks.