Pipeline Visualization

The delivery pipeline view in UrbanCode Release provides a holistic view of how each environment compares across the SDLC. In the pipeline view, you can see the flow of system changes through the development and testing environments to production and compare application statuses, application versions, and dig down to display gate criteria and activity.

snapshots video1 Application Models

The pipeline view is a visual representation of the release that displays:
  • Phases of a release
  • Environments allocated in the release
  • Applications participating in the release
  • Application versions in each environment

Application Version Management

Application versions are imported from UrbanCode Deploy. When an application is updated or created, the latest version is displayed the Pipeline Visualization as the latest version. UrbanCode Release pulls inventory data from UrbanCode Deploy to show which snapshot are deployed in each environment. Versions in the Pipeline Visualization are color-coded to highlight similarities between environments so that users can see how far a given change has progressed or find environments similar to production for testing emergency fixes.

Drill into the application versions to see the components and their versions associated with that version.

Compare Versions

By clicking on multiple versions of the same application, you can see how each version identifies specific differences between the application version deployed to different environments.


Environment gates and statuses for each phase and environment can be viewed. Icons are displayed if an application does not meet that requirement. Exemptions or status updates can be created in this view. More here

Create Release Snapshots

On the release level, a snapshot can be created once the environment has the desired inventory. A snapshot in UrbanCode Release represents the desired state of all the application versions in the release. Release snapshots allow promoting multiple applications as a unit by dragging and dropping the snapshot into the desired environment. In addition gates and statuses at the release snapshot level can accommodate integration test reporting.

Inventory Management

Differences between what application version is in an environment and what the desired application version is recognized as a compliance issue. Compliance issues are pulled from UrbanCode Deploy and are displayed on the Pipeline dashboard as a yellow triangle. Dig into the application to see what the issue is, and reschedule non-compliant applications for redeployment.

Automatic Promotion for a Continuous Delivery Approach

You can set up auto-promotion for each phase in your lifecycle deployment window that will automatically deploy of the latest code that matches the gate criteria for those environments.

Many build tools support continuous delivery for single projects and their dependencies. This capability provides release-level cross-application continuous delivery even when many different build systems are in use across an enterprise.