1.0.0 – June 19, 2018

This is the first full release of IBM UrbanCode Velocity.


This release includes the following product features.

  • DevOps metrics
    • View cycle time and other DevOps metrics to see the impact of DevOps adoption and identify bottlenecks.
    • Generate a single report which details approval and deployment information for a specific timeframe and set of applications.
  • Pipeline orchestration
    • View pipelines composed from a variety of builds, continuous delivery, and deployment automation tools.
  • Release management
    • Use templates to streamline delivery and enable self-service. Templates define automated and manual deployment steps and approvals.
  • View task status at any time, task status is always available. Receive deployment status alerts when deployments fall behind schedule.
  • Receive comprehensive views of release status at regular intervals. You can approve by email, or wait for approvals defined in change tracking systems.
  • Integrate with ServiceNow to automatically open, update and close change ServiceNow requests.
  • Integrate pipelines from Jenkins and UrbanCode Deploy. Automatically link stories and defects from JIRA.