1.0.5 – October 2, 2018

This release includes the following product features.

  • Trial version
    • Install and use all features of UrbanCode Velocity for sixty days before purchasing a permanent license.The trial version is available to download free. You’ll need to complete a user registration form to obtain an access key. Fill out this form to register and request an access key. After you have the access key, read the Installation roadmap topic to determine software requirements and learn about the installation process.
  • Roles and permissions
    • Assign roles to users and groups to set boundaries on the release tasks that they can perform. The following roles are available.
      • Viewer – View release pipelines and releases. By default, all users have view access.
      • Lead Developer – Create pipelines, assigns pipeline access to team members, and configure applications, environments, and approvals. Run deployments on available configured pipelines.
      • Developer – Run deployments on available configured pipelines.
      • Lead Release Manager – Manage release templates, approvals, and calendar settings. Assigns members to teams. Schedule and run releases and events.
      • Release Manager – Schedule releases, and run releases and calendar events using pre-defined templates.
      • Release Participant – Create new tasks and run assigned tasks.
      • Team Administrator – Add team members and change permissions for users to teams the team administrator is a member. The team administrator cannot change their permission. Changes to the team administrator’s permissions are done by the product administrator.
      • Product Administrator – Configure LDAP, SMTP and other integrations, and modify membership and permissions for all teams.
  • Join a pipeline to a release
    • Join the execution of a pipeline stage to an existing release. On the pipeline page, you can select the Join Release option to create a new run of the stage and attach it to a scheduled release. As part of the option you can select which release to join and preview which versions are included in the deployment.

Plan & Prepare

For supported platforms and requirements you can dynamically generate a system requirements report using the Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR) tool.

Install the server

The installation package is available from IBM Passport Advantage. The installation package contains the installer program for both the Kubernetes and Docker Compose environment.

After downloading the the installation package, decompress the contents into two directories, one for Kubernetes and the other for Docker Compose. The instructions for installing the server are located in the product documentation, see the Installation topic.

To obtain the product license key you must agree to the terms and condition statements provided on Passport Advantage. The license key is required to start the install process for the initial and future installations.


To learn more about IBM UrbanCode Velcoity, see the documentation.

To suggest an enhancement to the product, visit the RFE Community

Get support

For information from support, including FAQs, visit the IBM Support portal. You can configure the support portal to view information about specific products.