Starting with the March 1, 2019 release, UrbanCode Velocity is using semantic versioning for product releases. The semantic versioning contains a three-part version number: major version, minor version, and patch. At any given time, only the latest two releases are available. Always download the latest version. For download information, see the Getting Started tab.

The following enhancements are included in each release. In addition to various bug fixes.

Key Features in 1.3.3


Differentiate between different UrbanCode Deploy servers when selecting applications on the pipeline. The integration name will show as an additional column.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Add timeout to toast notification
  • Global Grouping correctly affects the Lead and Cycle times
  • Insights drill down tables properly show large data sets
  • Accurately represent Insights chart time ranges.


Key Features in 1.3.2

This release contains bug fixes. There are no new features.

Key Features in 1.3.1

Plugin Framework on Docker Compose

Leverage UrbanCode Velocity’s salable and robust plugin framework on Docker Compose. This expands troubleshooting and upgrade scenarios for customers in the early stages of their UrbanCode Velocity configuration.

Add an UrbanCode Deploy Component Version Status

Configure your Release Deployment Plans to add statuses to your deployed UrbanCode Deploy Component versions.

Key Features in 1.3.0


The new Insights dashboard allows you to display and visualize data processed by your integrations. You can graph metrics, such as lead time, cycle time, deploy count, and work item distribution, in the form of line, bar, or side-by-side graph. The dashboard can be customize to fit the the needs of your team.

Metrics bar

Metrics and trends can be customized to what is important to your team’s value stream, such as code coverage, vulnerability scans, and build efficiency.

User interface enhancements

You can now access integration logs from the user interface, removing the need to access the target docker instance manually. In addition, data integrations can be modified from the Configuration page.

New and updated plugins

The new IBM Rational Team Concert plug-in allow you to visualize Rational Team Concert work items in your value stream.