6.0.1 – November 27, 2013

Version 6.0.1 of IBM UrbanCode Release introduces a federated release dashboard, and new visualizations around impact analysis and the delivery pipeline.

Release Impact Analysis

Release Managers constantly struggle with interconnected applications and the threat that when some applications miss the window, others will have to be held back. The idea of the new view is to visualize the relationship between:

  • Changes (bug fixes, new features, etc)
  • Development Initiatives (projects, epics, etc)
  • Applications in a Release

In this view, we can see the Applications in the small Release as the rows, and the development initiatives as the columns. The number of changes associated with their combination is shown along with a color code indication of how done the features are.

At a glance, we can see that no Initiatives span multiple applications. So if any Applications have to drop out of the release, the others should be relatively safe. If other Applications were participating in Initiative 1 or 4, the amount of in progress work would be worrisome. This new impact analysis view is available from the Release overview screen.

Release Pipeline View

The Release Pipeline View in IBM UrbanCode Release 6.0.1 provides a visual representation of the entire release and includes, the phases, environments associated, the applications and their versions.

In the Release Pipeline View, you can:

  • View a previously scheduled deployment to see if it passed or failed as well as view details into the applications, the application’s versions, the applications’ status, and any gates associated with that version.
  • View the next scheduled application deployment and its status
  • Compare multiple versions of applications based on component names, version number, and status of the application.
  • Create a snapshot (release version) of the desired inventory for the set of applications and their versions in the release. You can schedule the deployment of this release version to subsequent environments.
Federated Release Dashboard

When enterprise releases require tracking several division or team level releases, the new federated release dashboard makes it easy to see what is happening across the enterprise release. Who is on track? Which groups need help?

For information on documentation and support resources, software and hardware requirements and installation steps, see the Getting Started page.

This release has been superseded. We recommend installing the latest fix pack to ensure you have all known fixes.

Behavioral Changes

There are no known behavioral changes.

Fixes in this Release

A cumulative list of fixes in this release, and any future fix packs can be found in this document.

APAR Description
18238 Executor role drop down does not work when editing an existing task in IE9
18598 Can not start a task in Internet Explorer
20519 Task start/finish notifications does not work
20520 Task start time does not reflect actual start time, nor the task start times below it
20538 Segmetns sometimes say 0% complete when it should be 100%
28582 Can not delete items
Known Problems and Workarounds

Customers have reported issues when using SQL Server 2012 database. We recommend updating to UrbanCode Release

To search for additional post-release issues that IBM Rational Support documented, visit the IBM Support portal.

Plan & Prepare

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For supported platforms and requirements, see the system requirements.

To get started quickly to try the software, IBM UrbanCode Release is shipped with an Apache Derby database. Apache Derby deployments are not supported for production environments. As you plan your production topology, review the installation guide

Install the server

This release requires IBM Installation Manager version 1.7 or later for installation. See download document for details on this download.

This release is available for download for Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express clients, requiring authentication. This download is available here.

Information for installing the server, see the Installing server section in the product documentation.


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