– June, 2016

This release of IBM UrbanCode Build is a maintenance release and includes various bug fixes and performance enhancements. Licensing options were also expanded. Token licensing option is now available. This release is recommended for all customers.

For information on documentation and support resources, software and hardware requirements and installation steps, see the Getting Started page.

Behavioral Changes

We recommend updating all agents and plugins when upgrading to this version.

Fixes in this Release

A cumulative list of fixes in this release, and any future fix packs can be found in this document.

PI38648 Database issues with large number of scheduled builds
PI46710 Source step logs point to the wrong logs when using multiple source configs
PI47548 Buildlife properties stored in wrong DB column even when over 255 characters
PI51346 Information radiator shows time since build and build duration values on the same line in IE11
PI58423 Groups cannot be removed from “System Team’s” “Administrators” role
PI59342 Project filtering does not work when viewing inactive projects
PI59565 SVN Get Changelog step fails when parsing Changelog output
PI58574 Codestation steps: Regardless if “Exclude, Non-empty, or All” is chosen, all directories are getting resolved/delivered
PI59176 System logs show user: UBuild-User is NULL!
Known Problems and Workarounds

To search for additional post-release issues that IBM Rational Support documented, visit the IBM Support portal.

Plan & Prepare

For fixes contained in this release, and any known issues, review the release notes.

For supported platforms and requirements, see the system requirements. Note that some supported plug-ins have system requirements that vary from the core product. Information on system requirements for individual plug-ins is available on the download page for that plug-in.

To get started quickly to try the software, IBM UrbanCode Build is shipped with an Apache Derby database. Apache Derby is not supported for production environments. As you plan your production topology, review the installation guide

IBM UrbanCode Build supports integrations with many different tools in the form of job steps. Each IBM UrbanCode Build plug-in is a separate download and installation available on our plug-in page.

Install the server

This release is available for download from Fix Central, requiring authentication. This download is available here.

Information for installing the server, see the Installing section in the product documentation.

For information on installing and managing licenses, see License Management


To learn more about new enhancements in this release, see What’s New

To learn more about IBM UrbanCode Build, see the documentation

For help installing or using IBM UrbanCode Build, post your questions in the forums or contact support

To suggest an enhancement to the product, visit the RFE Community

Get support

For information from support, including FAQs, visit the IBM Support portal. You can configure the support portal to view information about specific products.