– June 5, 2018

This release of IBM UrbanCode Build is a maintenance release and contains a number of new features, feature enhancements and bug fixes. This release is recommended for all customers.

For a detailed list of feature enhancements and bug fixes, please refer to the release notes tab.

New Features and Enhancements

Add support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 RFE 115144
Add ability to change the Authentication Realm of existing users via UI RFE 93059
Add table view of downstream dependencies of a process RFE 87845
Add support for triggering pre-flight builds for GitHub’s pull request events RFE 110845 and RFE 110870
Add option for asynchronous license initialization during server’s startup RFE 111200
Expand REST API to obtain team information from project RFE 117694
Enhanced UI for process templates tab
Enhanced UI for job templates tab
Enhanced UI for source template page
Overhaul process dependency configuration page UI
Display long default values and descriptions of plugin properties via a popup window
Use “filtering scroll select” widget for selecting jobs
Improve description for secured objects’ team selection
Add option for cleaning up preflight builds
Add external web URL to plugin cmd context


Intermittent appearance of “GroovyRuntimeException: Exception while reading process stream” in command output of the Git plugin PI89973
Interval schedules do not seem to consider start time PI94456
Cannot start Urbancode Build as a Windows service PI75205
Error encountered in changelog step of RTC SCM plugin PI98929
“Deploy Component Version” step of the UCD plugin in UCB fails if the Component Process in UCD has required properties PI89762
Fix 2 bugs that cause the maven caching feature to fail
Fix an error when attempting to save global reports in UCB
Set appropriate hibernate dialect during server upgrade, when using Oracle 12
Fix bug when saving the “Get Changelog” step config
Fix an issue that caused selected-disabled radio inputs to appear nonselected-disabled
Prevent built-in users from having authentication realm changed
Fix warning message when generating application WADL
Add padding around stamp span elements
Handle unauthorized view of process dashboard gracefully
Fix an issue in RestUtil#getFullContentRange
Minor tweaks to icon CSS to reduce spacing
Fix NullPointerException when lacking sufficient permission to view a build life
Fix job config templates table filtering
Lower the level of logged stacktraces for unknown license type exceptions to debug
Fix ambiguous resource paths in WorkDirScriptCollectionResource
Check for duplicate names when creating source config props
Fix an off-by-one error in computation for displaying license information
Fix NullPointerException in cleanup page when setting keepLockableResources or keepPreflightBuilds

Known Problems and Workarounds

Due to a bug in Microsoft SQL Server’s JDBC driver that appears to have been introduced in MSSQL JDBC 6.3.3, upgrading UrbanCode Build to version may fail. This bug has been fixed in MSSQL JDBC 6.5.3 (preview version at the time of this writing). We highly suggest users of Microsoft SQL Server to use a version of the MSSQL JDBC driver that has this fix.

To search for additional post-release issues that IBM Rational Support documented, visit the IBM Support portal.

Plan & Prepare

For fixes contained in this release, and any known issues, review the release notes.

For supported platforms and requirements, see the system requirements. Note that some supported plug-ins have system requirements that vary from the core product. Information on system requirements for individual plug-ins is available on the download page for that plug-in.

To get started quickly to try the software, IBM UrbanCode Build is shipped with an Apache Derby database. Apache Derby is not supported for production environments. As you plan your production topology, review the installation guide

IBM UrbanCode Build supports integrations with many different tools in the form of job steps. Each IBM UrbanCode Build plug-in is a separate download and installation available on our plug-in page.

Install the server

This release is available for download from Fix Central, requiring authentication. This download is available here.

Information for installing the server, see the Installing section in the product documentation.

For information on installing and managing licenses, see License Management


To learn more about IBM UrbanCode Build, see the documentation

For help installing or using IBM UrbanCode Build, contact support

To suggest an enhancement to the product, visit the RFE Community

Get support

For information from support, including FAQs, visit the IBM Support portal. You can configure the support portal to view information about specific products.