This release of IBM UrbanCode Build is a maintenance release and contains a number feature enhancements and bug fixes. This release is recommended for all customers.

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New Features

RFE 129215 Use more modern widgets for “select” property types in UI


Improve agent startup log details (requires agent upgrade)
Enhancements and fixes for maven artifact resolver and related classes
Add drag handles to job steps table to replace the “Move Up” and “Move Down” buttons
Update Guice and Guava dependencies
Enable RESTClient to use auth tokens as an alternative to username/password
Validate Tomcat keystore and key during server startup
New project templates now use a default agent pool setting of “All build agents” instead of empty
Tie SecurityHelper#canUserManageGroup check to a feature flag
Enable configuration of dependencies of a process via /rest2/projects/{id}/processes/{id} endpoint


PH15935 Specifying a property for codestation plugin’s include pattern may result in step getting stuck forever.
PH03257 Fix an issue where users are unable to set “Manual User Import” to “true”.
PH15135 Fix potentially malformed SQL statements generated by UrbanCode Build general reporting tab.


Enforcing utf8_unicode_ci as collation for MySQL databases fails if the database charset is utf8mb4
Fix filtering bugs in Search->Process tab
Fix an issue with UCB server process where it may silently fail to completely shutdown when using the “stop” command line argument
Fix server startup issue if installation path contains space characters and a secure entry has been updated in installed.properties file
Fix an issue with plugin upgrade process when renaming a required step property
Description column for Table widget does not have a limited character display, causing long text to expand the column indefinitely
Fix inconsistent filtering behavior/UX in the Codestation tab
Fix potentially improper element ordering of who-when data of notification schemes
Fix the state of “Trigger Only Dependencies” checkbox in Build Process->Dependencies tab
Fix incompatibility of automated agent upgrades in z/OS
Fix audit log entry’s object type for job templates

Important Information

If administrators are allowed to manage other users’ group membership regardless of the administrator’s membership in those groups, by setting the following property to true in the installed.properties file:


In order to maintain this behavior (that is, to allow administrators to modify group membership for users whether or not the administrators are members of those groups), this property name must be changed to skip.admin.group.membership.check.enabled. This change is being made in UrbanCode Build in order to move this setting under a feature flag for better visibility and easier maintenance moving forward.

Plan & Prepare

For fixes contained in this release, and any known issues, review the release notes.

For supported platforms and requirements, see the reports that can be dynamically generated using the Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR) tool.

Note: Some supported plug-ins have system requirements that vary from the core product. Information on system requirements for individual plug-ins is available on the download page for that plug-in.

To get started quickly to try the software, IBM UrbanCode Build is shipped with an Apache Derby database. Apache Derby is not supported for production environments. As you plan your production topology, review the installation guide.

IBM UrbanCode Build supports integrations with many different tools in the form of job steps. Each IBM UrbanCode Build plug-in is a separate download and installation available on our plug-in page.

Install the server

This release is available for download from Fix Central, requiring authentication.

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