This release of IBM UrbanCode Release is a maintenance release and includes various bug fixes and enhancements. This release is recommended for all customers.

Apache Tomcat server upgraded

The Tomcat Server shipped with the product has been upgraded to version 8.5.64.

New plug-ins

Jenkins plug-in added for UrbanCode Release. The plug-in provides integration with Jenkins to import jobs from Jenkins.

Security enhancements

Upgraded Java to resolve security vulnerability CVE-2015-3253.

Fixes in this Release

The following APARs are included in this release.

PH34000 When a new deployment is created by selecting a specific Release Version value different from ‘None’ then the ‘Deployment Execution’ tab shows all tasks as ‘Not Applicable
PH35893 UrbanCode Deploy version 7.1 does not respond to HTTP PUT method for deploy applications
PH37750 Login fails when login is done from a browser without internet access.
PH32842 Clash occurs when performing synchronization from Ansible or Nolio.
PH36113 Fixed issue in UrbanCode Release 6.2.5 allowing world-writable files to be created in /var/temp directory

Known problems and workarounds

To search for additional post-release issues that IBM Rational Support documented, visit the IBM Support portal.

Install the server

This release is available for download from Fix Central and Passport Advantage, requiring authentication.

Information for installing the server, see the Installing server section in the product documentation.

For information on installing licenses, see Managing Licenses.


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