New and Updated Integrations – January, 2014


New and Updated Plugins in January, 2014

IBM Middleware Configuration for WebSphere v4

  • The MCWAS plug-in can introspect a WebSphere Application Server for configuration data and generate a template that can be applied across your Software Development Life Cycle. Our new Quick Capture capability provides significant performance advantages over previous versions of the plug-in, allowing for configuration data to be captured more rapidly.
  • Configuration template tokenization can now be performed independently from an import and can use XPath queries for improved precision.
  • Learn more about the MCWAS plug-in and download it here

Application Deployment for WebSphere v70

  • Updated to support Auto-Discovery of multiple profiles and multiple installs of WebSphere from a single IBM UrbanCode Deploy agent
  • The Execute wsadmin script now allows for a script to be entered directly into the step
  • Learn more and download this plugin here

JBoss v7

  • A new step was added that allows for one or more Server Groups to be restarted
  • The application’s runtime and application names can now be specified separately and have different values.
  • Learn more and download this plugin here

JetBrains TeamCity v2

  • A source config plug-in for TeamCity now allows for Component versions to be manually or automatically imported
  • Learn more and download this plugin here

Updates from around the community

Now on JazzHub – come join us and help contribute to the evolution of the following new plug-ins:

  • Hadoop – this plug-in provides steps that allow one to deploy a Hadoop application to a NameNode
  • IBM Rational Automation Framework – this plug-in allows for a Rational Automation Framework action to be invoked from an IBM UrbanCode Deploy Process