Adopting DevOps @ Scale: Lessons learned at Hertz, Kaiser Permanente and lBM


DevOps has become a major enabler of business innovation that can drive digital transformation at an enterprise level if done well. Challenges remain, however. Crossing the chasm from successful DevOps pilots with “two-pizza” teams to full enterprise adoption, including cultural transformation, best practices and tools remains a challenge. 

Join Alan Shimel (DevOps.com) as he hosts a panel discussion with Hertz’ John LaFreniere, Kaiser Permanente’s Raghunath Raman and IBM’s Sanjeev Sharma on how traditional enterprises are accelerating innovation by adopting DevOps practices at scale across their organizations.

Find out how:

  • Hertz is accelerating transformation of their platforms, business process and operating models with Cloud, DevOps and Agile.
  • Kaiser Permanente is managing the cultural, process and integration challenges of multi-speed IT.
  • IBM has embarked on a DevOps transformation that has engaged over 10,000 developers already — including becoming one of the world’s largest users of GitHub Enterprise.

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