Integrate AWS CodePipeline with UrbanCode Deploy


Fannie Mae (FNMA), like other companies, is beginning its cloud journey utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS). One challenge along this journey is the integration of AWS with the DevOps toolchain. FNMA is currently using UrbanCode Deploy (UCD) to deploy applications while ensuring the proper guardrails and gating are met along the path to production. Our existing toolchain allows Jenkins to push the build to UCD’s CodeStation via an IBM plugin, here we replicate this process with AWS CodeBuild push to UCD.

This documentation focuses on how to import artifacts into CodeStation through the AWS CodeBuild tool. This strategy is explained in the context of UCD, the overall process can be applied to integrate various tools with the AWS suite. This approach doesn’t require the restructuring of predefined deployment process. We aim to ensure the separation of the build and the deploy, meaning, we do not want the build to fail if the deployment fails. If you already have an application and deployment processes setup, then most of the work is already done! This will guide you to setup an extensible integration that allows you call UCD and other DevOps tools via AWS