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Creating a read-only role for UrbanCode Deploy users


As an administrator or a user with appropriate permissions, you can create read-only roles. By creating a read-only role, you can restrict users from performing all operations on UrbanCode Deploy. Read-only roles are typically assigned to users who are permitted to monitor deployment events, agents’ statuses, and so on.

Before you start to create a read-only role, create a monitoring plan that includes answers to the following questions:

  • What are your monitoring goals?
  • Who will monitor the tasks?
  • What objects (such as applications, components, and resources) will the user or team monitor?

As an example, to create a role that allows the users to monitor deployments that are happening because of CI/CD operations, perform these steps:

  1. Log in to UrbanCode Deploy as a user who has permissions to create roles and users.
  2. Go to the Settings tab and click Role Configuration.
  3. Create a role by clicking Create Role and naming and describing the role.
  4. Enable the View option for the objects that you want the user to monitor, such as these objects:
    • Agents
    • Applications
    • Components
    • Environments
    • Processes
    • Resources

    To enhance monitoring, enable the view option for all affected objects.

  5. Enable the relevant tabs in Web UI to allow users to monitor the objects. For example, to view:
    • deployments, enable these items: Applications Tab, Reports Tab, and Deployment Calendar Tab
    • resources and mapped agents, enable the Resources Tab
    • processes, enable the Processes Tab

  6. Add appropriate users to the role you created. See Security teams for information about how to assign roles to the users.

Now, when users log on, they can view the selected objects. In case of deployment failures, users can view output logs of the failed process step or click Download All Logs to save the process logs.


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