Full-stack Application Designer for Cloud – the New IBM UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns


(aka – Improving Software Delivery with DevOps & Software Defined Environments)

IBM is pleased to announce the latest in the UrbanCode family of deployment automation solutions: IBM UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns.

Launched in June 2014 at the IBM Innovate conference in Orlando, Florida, IBM UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns is a full-stack environment management and deployment solution that enables users to design, deploy and update full-stack environments for multiple clouds.

Join Michael Elder, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM DevOps, as he shows you how you can improve your customer feedback loop using iterative, full-stack application design for the cloud. In this webinar, he will cover an innovative new way of designing and versioning your cloud applications through a web-based environment development toolkit.

  • With support for OpenStack and other cloud providers, you are able to capture all aspects of your cloud-based application from compute, storage, and virtual networking all the way up to the application managed in UrbanCode Deploy.
  • In a single click, you can stand up a new environment complete with application components deployed and ready to run.
  • With built-in configuration management, you can see the changes made by your automation to configure each node.

Slides available here via SlideShare