Integrations, UI Enhancements and Cloud – See What’s New with IBM UrbanCode Deploy


IBM UrbanCode Deploy delivers several new feature functionalities with the latest software release further extending its commitment to integrations, and cloud, while bringing deployment automation as-a-service to the market.  Leading this latest release is a new integration with VMware VRealize Automation; a new Jenkins Pipeline plugin, and new full-featured as-a-service version of Deploy hosted by Softlayer.

  • The integration between UrbanCode Deploy and VMware VRealize Automation brings cloud portability to the leading data-center provider, enabling VMware users to seamlessly move their vRA/vCenter blueprints to other cloud providers, including OpenStack, SoftLayer. 
  • New UrbanCode Deploy plugin for the tens of thousands Jenkins pipeline users provides support for multiple deployments in a single flow, providing enhanced visibility into dev/test environments, the ability to leverage snapshots and approvals, High Availability and security for an enterprise.
  • Responding to our customers and the ever shifting movement to cloud from the market, UCD Cloud delivers the first, and only enterprise-scale ARA as-a-service offering for clients looking for faster time to value, with at least 50% faster provisioning time, without the worry of capital expenses.

See the IBM UrbanCode Team of Laurel Dickson-Bull and Steve Boone as they provide an overview of the latest capabilities of UrbanCode Deploy!

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