Mainframes, WebSphere Config and Databases, Oh My!


Automating the tricky bits of application deployment

Deployment automation efforts tend to start with easier scenarios like moving builds of web applications to servers and getting them installed. However, some parts of our applications aren’t simple builds. They may be updated incrementally; changes may be non-repeatable; or they may be dependent on knowledge contained within some other tool or framework. When we fail to automate changes to these “tricky” parts of our application, errors and delays materialize.

Eric Minick from IBM, and Robert Reeves, database guru from Datical, discuss makes certain things hard to deploy, and practical techniques and tools for deploying them. Topics covered, include:

  • What causes certain deployments to be trickier to automate than others
  • Successful patterns for overcoming those challenges
  • Application of those techniques to mainframe changes, WebSphere configuration and database schema updates

Click here for the slide-deck from this webinar