White Paper

Overview of IBM UrbanCode cloud security


With a new version of IBM Bluemix DevOps Connect published, it’s a good time to review the product’s architecture and security features.

IBM Bluemix DevOps Connect, formally named UrbanCode Sync, is a free utility that provides on-prem UrbanCode product data to the IBM cloud services. The first version, released last summer, provides IBM UrbanCode Deploy and IBM UrbanCode Release data to UrbanCode Mobile users. UrbanCode Mobile users can review deployments and make approvals with their mobile phones or other devices.

IBM Bluemix DevOps Connect is typically installed in the same location as your on-prem UrbanCode products. You run integrations with your on-prem products from the IBM Bluemix DevOps Connect web-based dashboard. You configure integrations in the same manner as you configure integrations with IBM UrbanCode Deploy and IBM UrbanCode Release. The plug-ins that you need to integrate with UrbanCode Mobile comes pre-installed. You can install new plug-ins in IBM Bluemix DevOps Connect as they become available.

The IBM UrbanCode Cloud Services Security white paper reviews the product’s security features. The topics covered include the following features:

  • What data is exchanged with the cloud?
  • How trust is established
  • How users are authorized
  • How approvals and tasks are secured
  • How data is secured

    The following diagram–excerpted from IBM UrbanCode Cloud Services Security–illustrates the architecture of IBM Bluemix DevOps Connect.

Download the IBM UrbanCode Cloud Services Security white paper

IBM UrbanCode cloud services topology