White Paper

Overview of IBM UrbanCode Deploy security features


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IBM UrbanCode Deploy’s security systems are well-documented in the product’s Knowledge Center. However, there are many interlocking systems which can make finding information a bit of a slog. The white paper, IBM UrbanCode Deploy security features, brings all of the security-related systems together in one place.

The paper surveys all the product’s security systems with special emphasis on server-agent communications. Some of the paper’s topics include:

  • architecture overview
  • server-agent communications including end-to end JMS encryption
  • agent verification of server certificates
  • agent impersonation
  • agent relays
  • UrbanCode Mobile security
  • team- and role-based security model
  • key stores and trust stores
  • supported TLS protocols

The PDF version is thoroughly indexed for ease of use.



PDF version