How To

Self-serve POCs with IBM UrbanCode Release


IBM provides a lot of resources for users want to run a real-world trial with IBM UrbanCode Release.  You can take a tour, watch a demo, review videos, and download the trial version.  A number of training tools are available including a two-day course, and onsite expertise is available as well. IBM can assist you with installing and configuring the product to meet your unique requirements.

The recently published Getting Started with IBM UrbanCode Release provides guidance for users who want to run a proof-of-concept trial.  Getting Started addresses some of the most frequently asked questions that new customers have: where do I start, and what are best practices.  The document focuses on things that all users must address and also discusses the three primary usage models: orchestrate multi-application deployments, manage application dependencies and risks, automate quality-based code promotion.

Download Getting Started with IBM UrbanCode Release.