Shift Left: Find defects earlier through automated test and deployment


Do you know how much time it takes or how that translates into dollars lost every time you fix a defect in development, QA, or Production? The cost of application failures or errors increases exponentially the further into the delivery pipeline they are when found. If application defects are discovered by end users in Production, or errors cause a Production outage, the cost can be thousands per second, in addition to the intangible loss of reputation.

So how do you begin to identify defects earlier in software development and prevent them from becoming major, costly errors later on? Hear Al Wagner, IBM Technical Evangelist, as he discusses how to “shift left” and;

  • Incorporate service virtualization and automated testing into development for a more thorough and accurate representation of application quality
  • Integrate deployment automation with continuous testing to remove wait times on application promotion
  • Adopt best practices that have proven successful for IBM customers who are currently shifting left

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