The Top 7 DevOps Day 2 Challenges


Now that the concept of DevOps has been around for more than a decade and it has become the de facto industry standard, the natural question for many is, “What now?” 

Enterprises have been pursuing the advantages of DevOps for years seeking the promised return on investment that is obtainable yet can sometimes feel out of reach. In the beginning, we knew the recipe was people, process and tools. However, in most cases we naturally started with tools. Automation was key, with a focus on identifying bottlenecks and improving feedback. 

That was day one of your DevOps journey, but where are you now?

For most, this is where the journey plateaus. You can often look across an organization and see the high-water mark; that place where the DevOps momentum finally broke and rolled back. But somewhere along the way, we forgot that DevOps wasn’t as much about tools as it was about collaboration – the people and process pieces. 

Organizations started to settle for what was “good enough” mostly because there was no way to measure productivity and flow across varying teams and systems. 

The truth is DevOps at scale is challenging.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • the top DevOps challenges post-CI/CD implementation 
  • what challenges pose the greatest risk 
  • how to harvest opportunity from your DevOps pain points  
  • which factors are creating difficult-to-detect bottlenecks  
  • how to make your DevOps operations more productive  

This eBook is especially for technology executives, transformation leaders, and DevOps managers who are responsible for their DevOps strategic direction.