Using Blueprints to Overcome Multi-speed IT Challenges in the Enterprise


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Are you a traditional enterprise looking to hybrid cloud to deal with “multi-speed IT”?

While complexity is still the biggest challenge facing enterprises today, a cloud blueprint from UrbanCode Deploy can help organizations with legacy applications take those first steps toward the cloud.

Join IBM’s Steve Barbieri and Chad Holliday Thursday to learn how enterprise customers are using blueprints to develop their infrastructure and application layers across different cloud environments.

You’ll get a full run down of UrbanCode Deploy Blueprint Designer’s key features, from full stack application design and provisioning — to continuous delivery of apps into the cloud. Plus, you’ll see how portable Blueprint Designer really is – meaning once you create a blueprint, you can provision it with minor configuration changes across different clouds. Today, supported cloud providers include OpenStack (including IBM BlueBox), IBM Softlayer, VMware vCenter and vRealize Automation, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Also, learn how the IBM Watson Health Cloud has adopted the UrbanCode Deploy Blueprint Designer to achieve full-stack automation of their infrastructure and diverse application workloads leveraging both Chef and UrbanCode Deploy that scales to hundreds of virtual machines and users.

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